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Sustainable payment solutions for charging stations

The number of charging stations is increasing apace with the robust growth in the number of electric vehicles. That is good news, of course, but paying at the charging station is still challenging. As a result, drivers of electric vehicles often have to have multiple charging cards to access different charging stations on the go.

Fortunately, Payworld has the solution that also makes it possible to pay at a charging station using familiar payment cards. This is not only convenient for your customer, but also for you! Because accepting card payments at your public charging stations is safer and will become mandatory by legislation for all new fast chargers in Belgium from 13 April 2024! Moreover, it will be mandatory for every charging station with a power of at least 50 kW as of 2027.

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Setting up a web shop for your business

It is no secret that we are increasingly making our purchases online. Many entrepreneurs want to set up a web shop as a complement to an existing business, for instance, but are still left with questions such how to link their payment system with such a web shop.

Thanks to Payworld's multichannel payment solutions, you no longer have to worry about that. By partnering with SiteManager, we can now offer you a user-friendly, professional web shop directly linked to our trusted payment systems. So can enjoy all the benefits of a web shop without any hassles.

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The Payworld payment solution for the medical sector

Financial transactions in the medical industry today are often extremely complex. Small or large amounts, third-party payer systems, prepayments... medical professionals need reliable, secure and efficient systems. This is why Payworld comes with advanced payment solutions. Not only for fast and secure handling of your financial transactions, Payworld's solutions offer benefits specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the healthcare industry.

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Linking your electronic payment systems to your accounting: financial efficiency

Running a successful business is not just about marketing a great product or service, it is also about keeping track of your finances in an efficient manner. A convenient way to do that is to seamlessly link your electronic payment systems to your accounts. Payworld offers reliable solutions to link existing systems.

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Make life easier: link your Payworld payment terminal to your POS system

In today's retail world, speed and efficiency are crucial. One of the best ways to achieve efficiency gains and to make things a lot easier for yourself is to link your Payworld payment terminal to your POS system. In this article, we take a closer look at the advantages of this integration.

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Integrate Payconiq into your Payworld payment terminals

As a business owner, you naturally want payments to be quick and efficient. It is therefore important to work with a payment terminal that guarantees reliable and secure payments. One way to achieve this is by using Payconiq, the mobile payment solution that makes payments faster, easier and safer.

Moreover, Payconiq is easy to integrate into Payworld's payment terminals. In this article, we will tell you more about the advantages of integrating Payconiq into your Payworld payment terminal.

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Payment terminal for schools and associations

A school party, a waffle sale, membership fees, sports club canteen... There are plenty of times when schools and associations make financial transactions with parents, members or sympathisers. An electronic payment terminal makes things easier for everyone at such times. And the good news is: it doesn't have to be expensive at all! After all, Payworld offers solutions tailored to your school or association.

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Payment terminal for start-ups

You are about to start your own business? Congratulations: entrepreneurship is a wonderful stile. Of course, you don't want anything to go wrong then. Especially not with your payments, because to let customers buy your products or services smoothly and safely, you need a high-performance payment system. Moreover, since July 2022, you are obliged to offer your customers at least one electronic payment system.

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Tailor-made Payworld service

As an entrepreneur, you always want to be at the service of your customer. You offer the best service and choose a payment solution that makes things easy for them. But who assists you? Who chooses with you the payment system tailored to your business? And above all: who can you really count on to implement adjustments and expansion of your payment system quickly and efficiently?

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Mandatory electronic payments: the moment to respond to every customer

Good news for those who rarely or never have cash in their pockets. As of this summer, the federal government requires businesses to offer at least one electronic payment method. "So why not suddenly opt for a combination of all payment methods - from card to mobile?" echoes Payworld Belgium.

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