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The Payworld payment solution for the medical sector

Financial transactions in the medical industry today are often extremely complex. Small or large amounts, third-party payer systems, prepayments... medical professionals need reliable, secure and efficient systems. This is why Payworld comes with advanced payment solutions. Not only for fast and secure handling of your financial transactions, Payworld's solutions offer benefits specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the healthcare industry.

Third-Payer System

Where a third-party payer system is used, the physician usually works with low transaction amounts. In this case, the patient pays only the copayment, the mutual insurance company pays the rest. To reduce transaction costs in such situations, Payworld has had a transaction model activated, specifically aimed at payments lower than 10 Euro.  The Payworld payment system ensures that the chargeback is smooth, secure, automatic and with minimal cost. Outstanding amounts from patients are a thing of the past and there is also no need for debtor follow-up.

What about large amounts?

In practices where higher amounts are sometimes charged, such as orthodontists, or other highly specialized disciplines, it is convenient to accept multiple card types such as credit cards. Interesting transaction formulas are also offered here. At Payworld, you choose at all times which payment cards you wish to accept and which you do not. Even physiotherapists, who often only invoice at the end of a series of sessions, thus benefit from Payworld's solutions.

Perhaps your practice regularly receives patients from abroad. Then, of course, you must take into account that they prefer to pay with their foreign payment cards.Payworld can then also easily activate the acceptance of foreign payment cards for you. 

For every situation, Payworld provides a tailor-made solution. Be sure to contact us to discuss the best payment solution for your practice with no obligation. 

Prepayment and refunds in hospitals

In hospitals, it is common for patients to pay in advance for their consultation. 

In the unlikely event that the appointment does not take place - for example, due to an emergency where the doctor is called - the refund can be made immediately using the same payment terminal ("refund" option) . This not only increases customer satisfaction, it also saves administrative time/costs and significantly reduces the risk of errors. 

Multi-disciplinary practices and multi-account payment terminals

Suppose your medical practice has multiple specialists, all working on their own account (group practices), Payworld offers solutions so you can work with a single Payworld terminal. By indicating the specific healthcare provider (via a pre-programmed menu) before each transaction, the transaction amount automatically lands on the account of the correct doctor/specialist. Up to 9 entities can be linked on 1 terminal.This is another intelligent Payworld solution that saves you a lot of administrative work.

Custom solutions

Payworld distinguishes itself by thinking along with its customers in the medical sector. We offer customized solutions that really fit the specific needs of each practice. Payworld thus offers more than just a payment solution. We provide an integrated approach to manage complex financial transactions in the medical sector in a safe, efficient, low-cost and accessible way.

Want to know more? Be sure to contact us to discuss all your options.

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