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Triodos Bank

Accept digital payments thanks to the Triodos/Payworld partnership!
Triodos Bank takes care of your payments, Payworld provides you with a terminal!

Accept card payments directly in to your Triodos account.

In partnership with Payword Triodos is able to offer you a digital payment solution.

Your Triodos bank account is connected to a Payworld terminal, this enables you to accept all types of card payments in a fast and secure way.

Payworld offers you a complete service and is able to assist you with all your questions with regards to your payment terminal and your transactions.

We offer a wide variety of payment terminals (Fixed and Mobile) accompanied by several service levels and transactions plans tailored to your business needs.

Why did Triodos choose Payworld as a trusted partner?

- competitive rates
- flexible contracts
- simplicity and reliability
- safe & fast transactions
- Payworld's efforts for building a sustainable business

This is a non-binding offer and you have every right to choose a payment solution with a different provider.

Triodos receives a commission for each client that chooses to work with Payworld.  In exchange Triodos will commit to a monthly social contribution of 1 € for each active payment terminal towards the Triodos fund.

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