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Setting up a web shop for your business

It is no secret that we are increasingly making our purchases online. Many entrepreneurs want to set up a web shop as a complement to an existing business, for instance, but are still left with questions such how to link their payment system with such a web shop.

Thanks to Payworld's multichannel payment solutions, you no longer have to worry about that. By partnering with SiteManager, we can now offer you a user-friendly, professional web shop directly linked to our trusted payment systems. So can enjoy all the benefits of a web shop without any hassles.

Setting up a web shop has many advantages

We have all experienced the benefits of online shopping: you search for a product and can buy and pay for it via your computer or smartphone, regardless of where you are or what time of day it is. 

But have you ever stopped to think about the advantages of setting up a web shop for you as a business owner? Here are the main reasons:

  • Reach more customers: The customers of your physical shop usually come from the neighbourhood. But with a web shop, you can reach customers from a much larger area, maybe even worldwide. Consider how many extra customers you can reach through such a web shop!
  • Open round the clock, year round: When you close the doors of your shop, customers can still buy and pay for your products at any time of the day. And yes, even at night…
  • Increased online visibility: When looking for a product, people usually start with Google. The higher you rank in those search results, the more likely potential customers will find your shop. This could be your web shop, but if your shop is nearby, Google will also attract more people to your physical shop. 
  • Additional insights: Thanks to online data, you can easily track your customers' journey. You know what they are looking for, which other products they view in your web shop, which geographical region they come from, how much they spend, and much more. All these data enable you to run very targeted campaigns where you are most likely to succeed. You might even discover opportunities to grow your physical shop further with an additional branch as well…
  • Secure payments: Our online payment solutions are fast, efficient, and secure, just like you are used to with Payworld. As a merchant, you can rest assured: Setting up a web shop with Payworld and SiteManager is a good choice.

Why start an online shop with Payworld?

Payworld is a company that thinks along with its customers. We regularly receive questions from our customers about setting up a web shop, which is why we are starting a collaboration with a web shop builder that thinks like us: SiteManager.

The great advantage of SiteManager's web shops is that they are exceptionally user-friendly, both for the customer and for the online shop manager. From the customer's perspective, there is a lot of attention to the customer experience: the web shops are clear, easy to use, and completely customisable to the look and feel of your business. 

But usability is key from the manager's side also: Adding or removing products, adjusting descriptions, monitoring your inventory, everything is possible with just a few clicks

Our omnichannel solution for your web shop

From Payworld, we link a fast and secure payment system to it, so your customers can easily pay in the way they prefer. This way, everything is handled in the same way, whether it's in your physical store or your web shop.

Moreover, our solution is very cost-effective: a merchant pays 28 cents per card transaction in principle. With a subscription of €99 per month, that's only 16 cents per transaction. 

If you opt for SiteManager, you don't pay the subscription, and the transaction cost is still limited to 16 cents. If you add an additional physical payment terminal to the omnichannel solution, the subscription cost for that disappears also!

So, you have more than enough reasons not to hesitate any longer and launch a web shop today. Would you like to set up a web shop and would you like a demo or an appointment without any obligation to discuss the possibilities for your business? Contact us now!

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