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Sustainable payment solutions for charging stations that make paying for the charging of an electric vehicle easy for you and your customers.

The number of charging stations is increasing apace with the robust growth in the number of electric vehicles. That is good news, of course, but paying at the charging station is still challenging. As a result, drivers of electric vehicles often have to have multiple charging cards to access different charging stations on the go.

Fortunately, Payworld has the solution that also makes it possible to pay at a charging station using familiar payment cards. This is not only convenient for your customer, but also for you! Because accepting card payments at your public charging stations is safer and will become mandatory by legislation for all new fast chargers in Belgium from 13 April 2024! Moreover, it will be mandatory for every charging station with a power of at least 50 kW as of 2027.

Make paying for charging electric vehicles easy

Paying for electric charging is not always straightforward today. The different charging cards are not accepted at every station, prices are not very transparent, and what’s more, such cards can easily be subject to fraud.

It's a real challenge for customers to figure out which charging card is accepted at which station and what the charging costs are.

Payworld is a Belgian company. We know the Belgian payment market inside out. Thanks to our payment solution for electric vehicle charging (including Android payment terminals), everyone can use the charging stations under your management, including familiar bank and credit cards. This is a huge advantage for your customer because you offer the payment solutions they are accustomed to while already complying with the future mandatory card payment for fast chargers.

Faster payments

Payments for charge card transactions sometimes take very long (up to one month) and often go through an intermediary. 

If you opt for Payworld’s payment solution, the card payments are made directly, so you will have your money by the next bank business day at the latest. This is fast, safe and easy for the customer and advantageous for you.


Why Payworld?

Payworld is a leading player in contemporary payment solutions in Belgium. Although we are a fast-growing company, we stay very close to our customers. This is important to us because only then can we offer solutions that are truly bespoke.

We are much more than just a provider of payment solutions for our customers. We are a true partner who thinks along and grows together with them.

Moreover, we have all the expertise in-house. For example, we developed the payment solution for electric vehicle charging ourselves over 2 years. Payworld can thus offer a payment solution that works 100% for all variants in the EV market: (AC (slow) and DC (fast) chargers, combinations such as charging plazas, a terminal on a charging station itself, or a kiosk for multiple charging stations.

If you have questions, you can rest assured that you will reach the right expert with us. At Payworld, you won't find impersonal call centres or chatbots. We believe our customers are better served when they get through to the right specialist immediately.


Our solution for charging stations

The Android module that Payworld offers looks like the familiar terminal already used in many public places today, such as petrol stations, vending machines, car parks, etc.

But in our payment solution for electric vehicle charging, there is of course much more than just accepting card payments and charging cards. Your loyalty cards, payments via QR code, and so much more are also integrated into our solution.

In addition, card payments are far safer than the current charging cards, and every driver can use your charging station.


Price display

The price of the charging session is not always transparent with the current systems. The Payworld payment terminal shows the price in advance. Whether you choose regular charging or fast charging, you know in advance exactly how much you will have to pay for the charging.

This can be done with one payment terminal per charging station, or you can choose to cover your entire charging plaza from one or more smart terminals. Moreover, an invoice (with VAT) can be delivered after each charging session.


Get your charging station ready for the future

Do you want to make your charging stations or charging plaza safer, more accessible, and ready for the future? Contact Payworld today, and we will explore the best solution for you and your customers free of charge.

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