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Payment terminal for schools and associations

A school party, a waffle sale, membership fees, sports club canteen... There are plenty of times when schools and associations make financial transactions with parents, members or sympathisers. An electronic payment terminal makes things easier for everyone at such times. And the good news is: it doesn't have to be expensive at all! After all, Payworld offers solutions tailored to your school or association.

Flexible payment solutions

We have all experienced it: you arrive at a school party or a club event and you forgot to withdraw cash in advance. Or your club is selling new t-shirts and you don't have enough cash in your pocket to buy them. At such a time, an electronic payment would obviously come in handy.

It also requires extra organisation for the school or association: you have to make sure there is enough change in the till, afterwards everything has to be counted and someone has to go to the bank to put the money on the account. Moreover, the cash has to be closely monitored; it wouldn't be the first time money disappeared like that.

With a flexible payment solution for schools and associations, Payworld makes things a lot easier for everyone. Our mobile payment terminals allow you to receive payments in the most common ways.

Flexible in all respects

You can take this flexibility quite literally, because we also know that as a school or club you have different needs at different times. As a sports club, one payment terminal in the canteen might be enough, but during registration, open days or tournaments, it might be handy to temporarily have a few more terminals.

The same applies to schools. With one terminal in the secretariat, parents can make small payments throughout the year, but during the school festival it is obviously good to have several payment options. That way, you avoid long queues, which is good for your turnover!

At Payworld, you will find payment solutions tailored to schools and associations. From a simple terminal to fully integrated systems. As a school, youth club or sports club, you don't usually need complex systems, so why pay for them?

Are you curious about the payment terminal or payment solution that is most advantageous for your school or club? Then contact one of Payworld's experts today.

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