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Make life easier: link your Payworld payment terminal to your POS system

In today's retail world, speed and efficiency are crucial. One of the best ways to achieve efficiency gains and to make things a lot easier for yourself is to link your Payworld payment terminal to your POS system. In this article, we take a closer look at the advantages of this integration.

Integrating payment terminal and POS system

First, there is the efficiency and time-saving aspect. By integrating your Payworld payment terminal with your POS system, you work faster from a single device and avoid manual data entry. So you can concentrate more on what really matters: customer service.

No manual input, no errors

Another important advantage of the POS link is the accuracy of transactions. The synchronisation between the payment terminal and the POS system avoids human errors that can occur when entering amounts manually. Payment transactions are handled automatically. In the case of a card payment, the amount to be paid is automatically sent from the cash register to the payment terminal.

Better customer experience

Moreover, integrating your Payworld payment terminal with your POS system significantly improves the customer experience. Customers expect fast and seamless transactions at checkout. With the combined systems, you can offer fast and secure payments, without errors!

Order kiosk

More and more businesses today are working with an order kiosk to let customers order easily and quickly and send orders straight to the (usually) kitchen. Payment terminals are linked to the order kiosks. Payworld can also integrate these directly into your till system.

Integrating a payment system

The link between your Payworld payment terminal and your cash register system can even be wireless. All that is needed is an API. Note: not every cash register system allows this. If you want to know whether your system can be linked to your payment terminal, contact your supplier first, so they can do the programming if necessary!

At Payworld, we provide that interface, so the POS supplier can easily carry out the implementation. This way, you can be sure that the link will do exactly what you expect of it.

Of course, we also offer support and advice during the integration process, so you can get the most out of the integration. We are happy to visit you for this purpose. As Payworld, we are close to our customers and help you from A to Z through the entire process.

Integrating your Payworld payment terminal with your POS system offers clear benefits. It ensures efficiency, increases accuracy and improves the customer experience. Being able to control everything from one device not only makes managing your shop easier, but also more effective.

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